We are Nationally Recognized Experts when it Comes to Providing Cash to Individuals Selling Structured Settlements. Our team has combined decades of experience getting people cash for structured settlement and annuity payments. We are the experts.

What this means for you is: More cash for your or annuity structured settlement, faster…Guaranteed*.

We are nationally recognized experts in getting people cash for structured settlement and annuity payments. Whether your annuity payments are big or small, due in a 2 years or 20 years, guaranteed or life contingent, if there is a way to get you the cash you need for your structured settlement or annuity, our team will figure out a way!

Best Price & Most Cash for Structured Settlement or Annuity

With exposure to thousands of transaction over the past decade, we know one of the most important things to individuals selling structured settlement payments is to get the most cash. It is why we are committed to beating ANY offer or quote you get to cash out structured settlement or annuity payments. That is our GUARANTEE.  Take a moment and review our Guarantees in connection with providing you (1) the most cash for your structured settlement and (2) getting you the lump sum as quickly as possible (click here for the guarantee).

Do Not Sell Structured Settlement Without speaking to us.

What Makes New Leaf a Top Structured Settlement Buyer?

We know the ins and outs of literally every aspect of purchasing structured settlement and annuity payments.

You may notice that there seems to be a lot of websites offering to provide you free quotes for structured settlement payments. The truth is many of these “outfits” have barely any experience in providing cash for annuity or structured settlement payments. Going with a structured settlement buyer that has little experience can result in delay after delay, issues with legal compliance and ultimately the possibility exists a court may deny the sale of structured settlements for cash.

Our experience means the process of selling structured settlements has been streamlined. We regularly work with the life insurance companies that pay structured settlements. In almost calls cases we know what these insurance companies need in order to process the sale of structured settlement payments because we have worked with them many times before. These relationships means our transactions move forward in a coordinated and quick fashion.

Selling a Small Annuity? Large Annuity? Guaranteed Payments? Life Contingent Structured Settlement Payments? We Can Help You Get the Most Cash.

Regardless of the type of structured settlement or annuity you have and are looking to sell, we can work with you to get a lump sum of cash.

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