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After getting our offer in exchanging for selling a structured settlement, it is simply up to you to decide if getting that cash makes sense for you. At New Leaf you can count on the fact you will NEVER get pressure to move forward in getting a lump sum for selling a structured settlement unless you feel it’s in your best interest. It is part of our commitment to being the top structured settlement buyer. You Can Reach Us Anytime at 1-800-517-7671. As the Nationwide Structured Settlement Buyer of choice for the sophisticated consumer, New Leaf’s expertise allows us to can provide you a lump sum:

If you are very beginning of the process of exploring whether to sell structured settlement or you already have quote for structured settlement, please give us a call before you sign any contract. We may be able to provide you with:

A. Largest Lump for Structured Settlement Payments
B. Guaranteed Funding Date
C. Cash Advances within 24 Hours

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