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Selling Your Annuity

Interested in Getting Immediate Cash for your Annuity or Annuity Payment But Unsure the Best Company to Work With- Call the Experts at New Leaf Structured Settlement.

As a nationwide buyer of deferred income streams, like annuities, we have the right blend of experience and expertise to provide  you with the information you need to make informed decision when it comes to selling your annuity. Our team’s philosophy is to provide people looking to sell structured settlement payments with clear, upfront lump sum pricing along with zero sales pressure. One call to New Leaf Structured Settlements and you will instantly see the difference: 1-800-517-7671. We are committed to providing you MORE CASH AND MORE OPTIONS when it comes to selling annuities.

What types of annuities do we work with? 

We buy virtually every type of future payments. For example, the team at New Leaf can provide you a lump sum if you are looking to:

  1. Sell guaranteed monthly annuity payments
  2. Sell future lump sum annuity payments- regardless how far in the future they are due. Payments due one Decade, two decades. even three decades out are no problem for us.
  3. Sell Life Contingent Annuity Payments: We can convert even nonguaranteed annuity settlements for an immediate lump sum. You will be shocked how much cash for life contingent structured settlements New Leaf Can Get You!

We are simply the best buyer of life contingent payments— we have helped countless people that other companies declined to work with.

  1. Small Annuity Payments: When other structured settlement buyers say “no”, We say “yes’. Regardless if another company said your annuity payments were too small to cash out, give us a call and let us get you the lump sum you are looking for.

You may be asking yourself at this point, I wonder what New Leaf would pay me for my annuity or part of my annuity?  How is my annuity actually worth?

Several factors go into calculating the lump sum you will get in exchanging for selling structured settlement payments and they include, among other things, the following:

  1. Your Annuity Issuer: What Company is Obligated to Make the Structured Settlement Payments?
  2. Your Payment Stream: When are your structured settlement payments due and how frequently does the annuity issuer make the payments to you?
  3. Face Amount of Structured Settlement Payments: What is the amount of each structured settlement payment?
  4. Guaranteed or Life Contingent: Whether or not your structured settlement payments you are looking to sell are guaranteed or life contingent impacts the value
  5. State You Live: Fees associated with getting you cash for structured settlement payments actually differ depending on the state where you live at the time you look to sell structured settlement payments.
  6. Your Shopping Skills- truth be told that there are many annuity buyers and different buyers will make different offers. Buyers will even compete for your business and may offer more than the buyer initially offered when you bring competing offers back.

Our team has a unique blend of experience that allows us to provide you with an instant quote for selling your annuity as well explain to you what it takes to get you a lump sum. All of these services are completely free.

When you couple our expertise with our guarantee to beat any lump sum offer you have from another structured settlement buyer, New Leaf is the clear top choice when it comes to getting cash for structured settlement payments.

Give us a Call Today at 1-800-517-7671. Let Us Earn Your Business.

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