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Life Contingent Structured Settlements

Not only is New Leaf a company that buys life contingent structured settlement payments, we often buy:

  1. life contingent payments due further out than our competitors
  2. life contingent payments that our competitors say are too small to offer lump sum
  3. life contingent payments from individuals that may not be in the best of health.

How do we do this?  We have a unique collection of finance and legal partners that allow us to say “yes” to a lump sum of cash for structured settlement payments.  Also, it is important to know that we also provide cash advances on life contingent structured settlement payments.  While other companies may make you wait weeks or more for money, we can get you an advance very quickly.

Your structured settlement payments very likely entitles you to two very different types of payments.

Guaranteed Payments

  • The first type of payment is what is commonly referred to as a “guaranteed payment”.  These payments are made by the insurance company regardless of whether you are living at the time the time the payment becomes due.  In other words, if you were to die before some or all of the “guaranteed payments” were due, your estate and heirs would be entitled receive the guaranteed payments from the insurance company.

Life Contingent Payments  (or Non-Guaranteed Payments)

  • The second type of payments are called “life contingent” or “non guaranteed” structured settlement payments.  In this case, the insurance company is only obligated to makes these life contingent payments if you are aliveat the time the payment is supposed to be paid.   In other words, if you die your family gets NOTHING.  The life contingent payments will NEVER be paid.

Although your structured settlement likely entitles you to guaranteed AND life contingent payments, many companies in the industry will only provide lump sum payments for the first type of payments, the “guaranteed payments”.  New Leaf, however, is different.  New Leaf is also here to help you if you are interested in selling your “life contingent payments.”

In other words, New Leaf is willing to help you access immediate cash for those structured settlement payments the insurance company may NEVER pay and your family may NEVER receive.  That’s because New Leaf’s team of professionals have a unique blend of resources and experience to complete these transactions involving life contingent payments.

If you answer “Yes” to any of these simple questions, you may decide that a call to New Leaf in order to access immediate cash makes sense for you and your family:

Are you entitled to receive payments for the rest of your life but these payments stop when you die?  
□    Yes                             □    No

Have you sold all your guaranteed monthly structured settlement payments?
□    Yes                             □    No

Has the company you were working with refused to make you an offer for your life contingent payment or have they refused to deal with you if you can’t get life insurance?
□    Yes                             □    No

If you answered YES to any of these questions, than New Leaf is the right choice for you.
When other companies say “no” to these payments, New Leaf says “YES”.

New Leaf will get you a fast lump sum payment in exchange for those structured settlement payments other companies rejected.  Simply put, New Leaf’s team of professional can get you fast cash lump sum into your bank account when others cannot.

You will be surprised how much money we can get you for the Life Contingent Payments.

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