If you are not the original annuitant of the structured settlement or annuity but are looking to sell inherited structured settlement for a lump sum, we can help you regardless where you live in the Nation and generally speaking, notwithstanding how far out the structured settlement payments are due. We are national experts and speaking to us could mean thousands of dollars more for an inherited structured settlement or an inherited annuity.

There are many circumstances where selling an inherited structured settlement or selling inherited structured settlement payments make sense but here are a few common situations we see:

1. Multiple Beneficiaries of Structured Settlement: If the annuitant has passed away and there are multiple beneficiaries, selling the structured settlement payments may be the best option if the monthly payment that is now being divided amounts to relatively small monthly payments. Many structured settlement beneficiaries find it better to cash out their portion of inherited annuity for a large lump sum instead of waiting for small monthly structured settlement payments to trickle in.

2. Inherited Structured Settlement with Far Out Lump Sums: The structured settlement you inherited might not be payable immediately but rather have lump sum payments due in the future. Some inherited structured settlement payments can be 3 or 4 decades from now. As the beneficiary of these structured settlement payments you may decide that waiting 30 or 40 years for a lump sum structured settlement payment simply does not make sense for your life style or your age.

3. Inherited Structured Settlement with Monthly Structured Settlement Payments: You inherited structured settlement payments but you want to buy a house, automobile, or pay off outstanding debt. Cashing out inherited annuity or cashing out inherited structured settlement might be the best way to raise cash to attain these goals.

You may have heard some bad things about structured settlement buyers or have been told that you will not get a fair deal if you sell your inherited structured settlement payments. We are aware that this is the reputations of structured settlement buyers and try to distinguish ourselves as a settlement annuity buyer with our customer service and pricing.

At New Leaf, you will find a professional, knowledgeable staff that can walk you through options with regard to getting a lump sum for inherited structured settlement payments and also provide you clear and concise explanation of what is involved. Curious what your inherited structured settlement is worth?

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