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Getting Cash for Structured Settlement Payments is a Big Decision. It should be only done after ample consideration and once you are comfortable with a structured settlement buyer. As a premiere, nationwide structured settlement purchaser, New Leaf has created a network of financial partners that optimizes the opportunity that we can beat your best offer. There is no structured settlement buyer in the United States that is better at helping people get cash for structured settlement payments. After you have reviewed the facts below, we hope you give us the opportunity to earn your business:

Fact: The Buyer You Chose Matters When it Comes to Getting Cash for Structured Settlement Payments.

Fact: An Experience Structured Settlement Buyer May Be Able to Provide You with More Cash for Structured Settlement Payments Options. These Options May Mean You Sell a Smaller Portion of Your Structured Settlement and Yet Get a Larger Lump Sum.

Fact: The Best Structured Settlement Buyer Will Get You the Cash for Structured Settlement Payments Faster. Streamlined, efficient systems only come after you have been involved in buying structured settlement payments for a long time and you do it regularly.

Fact: Many Websites Offering Free Quotes are Not Operated by the Actual Structured Settlement Purchasers—instead they are only marketing companies that sell your information  and/or get a fee for generating you as a lead.

Fact: Just because you recognize the name of a structured settlement buyer from television commercials does NOT mean you will get the most cash for structured settlement payments.

Fact: You Could Get Thousands of Dollars Less for Selling a Structured Settlement to the Wrong Company.

Fact: A Judge Could Deny Your Sale of a Structured Settlement. While it is true that any transaction could be denied by a Judge, an experienced structured settlement buyer might be able to mitigate this risk by presenting to the court more competently. This means increasing the likelihood you get the cash for structured settlement payments you need.

If these issues matter to you, New Leaf is the Right Choice. Our experts can be reached at 1-800-517-7671.

If you are looking for the most cash for structured settlement payments and want to make sure you are working with an experienced, trustworthy group that will bring your transaction to funding as quickly as possible, we are the best call you can make.

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