Are you frustrated at having money locked away in a structured settlement or annuity? You’re not alone.

No court approves a structured settlement with the object of making the annuitant’s life harder. However, changes in life circumstances can quickly turn the financial life jacket of a structured settlement into a straitjacket, restricting the beneficiary’s access to the money that’s rightfully theirs.

For example, you might have built up unpaid medical bills or credit card debt or have an upcoming surgery you need to pay for.

On a more positive note, you might have decided to start up a business, fund a college course or make a down payment on the house of your dreams.

Borrowing money is expensive and may not even be an option so what can you do?

Structured settlement buyers like New Leaf Structured Settlements specialize in freeing up that money by purchasing your future payments for a discounted rate. There are many reasons why New Leaf is the smart choice when it comes to selling your structured settlement.

Here are some of them:

We Offer the Best Guarantees

We know that when it comes to getting money for structured settlements, you want the maximum cash value possible as quickly as possible. That’s why we’ve included these specific outcomes in our set of industry-leading guarantees, as follows:

  • We guarantee that we will make you a bigger offer than our competitors – beating them by at least $1,000. How much is our guarantee worth? Exactly $200 because that’s what we will pay you if we can’t honor the above. All you would need to do is provide proof of the offer and a disclosure statement.
  • We guarantee to fund you faster than our competitors.
  • We will guarantee a specific funding date – and stick to it.
  • Our ‘no fee’ guarantee means the value on your quote will be the value of the funds you receive.

We Have the Experience

Experience counts for a lot in the structured settlement industry and we at New Leaf Structured Settlements have it in abundance. We employ some of the most established and nationally-recognized structured settlement specialists in the business. We have reviewed, processed and originated thousands of successful sales.

However, we know that selling your structured settlement is one of the most important transactions you will ever make so we will treat your case with the diligence, professionalism and care you deserve. We will explain every step of the process so you will know exactly what is going on at every step.

Every structured settlement is set up differently and our team will bring their expert attention to your service as they evaluate the different options available.

Our experience is the reason behind one of our other key benefits: our streamlined sales process.

We Offer a Hassle-Free Transaction

It should always be borne in mind that a structured settlement sale is a legal transaction. In the same way as you wouldn’t trust a second hand car salesman to close your house sale, you shouldn’t allow an inexperienced firm to handle your structured settlement process.

We are used to working closely with insurers which means we know exactly what they need from us to proceed quickly. Our in-depth knowledge of the legal system means we can avoid legal delays and ensure the court has no obvious reason to deny the sale.

Our streamlined service applies throughout your customer journey, from the moment you request a quote (which we will normally send back within two minutes) to the moment those much-needed funds arrive in your bank account.

You Could Have your Cash Advance in as Little as a few Hours

Sometimes people ask: ‘How soon after I sell my structured settlement will I get the cash?”
As explained earlier, a structured settlement sale is a legal process and this means there will inevitably be a wait between signing the contracts and the funds being released into your account. This can last several months.

So, what do you do if you need that money urgently? Perhaps you need to pay a down payment on a house or buy a car before it’s sold to someone else.

A structured settlement advance is the answer. This is where we send you a lump sum payment from our funds while we wait for the transaction to complete. We will make sure those monies are in your account no later than 24 hours after you request them – sooner where possible.

We are Supremely Flexible

Some structured settlement buyers are only interested in settlements of a certain dollar value and above. Others only want to buy out your future lump sum installments – or your regular payments. Yet others won’t consider any annuities that are due more than 20 years down the line or are life contingent.

To make things easier for you, we are interested in all types of structured settlement. That includes:

  • Life contingent structured settlements
  • Guaranteed structured settlements
  • Structured settlements due within the next few years
  • Structured settlements not due for several decades
  • The lump sum portions of structured settlements
  • The periodic payment portions of structured settlements
  • Small structured settlements
  • Huge structured settlements
  • Structured settlements that have been refused by every other structured settlement buyer you’ve approached!

In short, if you are in need of cash for structured settlement payments, New Leaf Structured Settlements will find a way to help you out.

We Believe in a Zero Pressure Approach

Some structured settlement buyers are very aggressive when it comes to presenting their offer to potential sellers. As premier boutique structured settlement sellers, New Leaf take a professional and ethical approach to our business. We will never try and pressurize you into selling because we don’t presume to know what’s best for you. Only you have a complete picture of your financial circumstances and you should be given the time and respect to come to a decision in your own time.

So, if the fear of constant telephone calls has put you off getting in touch with us before, please don’t worry. We promise not to hassle you.

We also promise not to sell or rent your email address to anyone else if you fill in our contact form.

We Offer a Fast, Free Quote

If what you’ve read so far has convinced you that it’s worth finding out more, we invite you to request a free quote via our smart form. You will need to answer a few simple questions about the type of structured settlement you have, payment schedule, amounts due, etc. and then we will send you a price, usually within two minutes.

Selling a structured settlement is always a big moment in our customers’ lives. Structured settlements were never designed to be a burden but the unpredictability of life and the inflexibility of these types of arrangement often cause them to become just that.

By working with New Leaf Structured Settlements you can be sure you have an expert team on side working to unlock your cash and get the best result for all concerned.

If you need any further information about structured settlements, annuities or the New Leaf process, please call us on 1-800-517 7671

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